Plutocracy in America
by Dr. Ronald Formisano

Master Class for Invesotrs
by Martin Sosnoff

Dissent: The History of an American Idea
by Ralph Young

Presidents In Crisis
by Michael Bohn

by John Branch

Renegade Amish
by Donald Kraybill

Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs, and Washington Handshakes
by Chuck McCutcheon and David Mark

Once Upon a Playground
by Brenda Biondo

Money Mania
by Bob Swarup

The Kennedy Half Century - BESTSELLER
by Larry Sabato

by Rich Cohen

by John Hibbing, Kevin Smith & John Alford


The Amish

by Kraybill, Johnson-Weiner & Nolt



The Federalist Society

by Michael Avery & Danielle McLaughlin



A Renaissance Globemaker's Toolbox

by John Hessler



Bleeder: A Memoir

by Shelby Smoak


Unlearning Liberty

by Greg Lukianoff



Killer Show
The Station Nightclub Fire,

America’s Deadliest Rock Concert
by John Barylick



Noah Andre Trudeau, Civil War Historian


by Vernona Gomez and Lawrence Goldstone


The Dozens
A History of Rap's Mama 
by Elijah Wald 

Viral History Press

J. Patrick Berry

Unprecedented Power
Jesse Jones, Capitalism, and the Common Good

by Steven Fenberg

by Andrew Rosen

The Vanishing of Scale in

an Over-the-Top Nation
by Ronald Bishop

Hesitation Kills

A Female Marine Officer's Combat Experience in Iraq

by Jane Blair



Count Them One By One

by Gordon Martin, Jr.



Osama Bin Laden

by Michael Scheuer

 NATO 2.0


Reboot or Delete

by Sarwar Kashmeri



 The Sixth Crisis
by Dana Allin & Steven Simon

My Brother, My Enemy
by Philip Smucker

by David Kilcullen

A Sense of Duty
by Quang Pham

2010 Ridenhour Prizes

Beyond Alzheimer's 
by Dr. Scott D. Mendelson

Crisis and Command
by John Yoo

Fixing my Gaze
by Susan Barry

The Accidental Guerrilla
by David Kilcullen

Family of Secrets 
by Russ Baker




My Private War

by Norman Bussel

Progressive & Religious

by Robert P. Jones




Why We Hate Us

by Dick Meyer


Just How Stupid Are We?

by Rick Shenkman


Fixing Failed States

by Ashraf Ghani  and Clare Lockhart

Justice Denied

by Marci Hamilton

Pearls, Politics & Power

by Madeleine Kunin




Reagan’s Disciple

by Lou Cannon & Carl M. Cannon

The Caravan Project

A More Perfect Constitution
by Larry Sabato

A Contract with the Earth

by Newt Gingrich and Terry Maple
The Paranoia Switch
by Dr. Martha Stout

Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations
by Vincent Virga

and The Library of Congress

Young J. Edgar
by Kenneth Ackerman


Full Disclosure

by Mary Graham, Archon Fung, and David Weil

Forever Lily

by Beth Nonte Russell 

Abraham Epstein
The Forgotten Father of Social Security

by Pierre Epstein




Overlook Press/Charles McCarry


Whose Freedom?

by George Lakoff




Jeanne Marie Laskas


The Plan

by Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed


“Love You, Daddy Boy”

by Karyn Frist




Thinking Points

by George Lakoff

and The Rockridge Institute

China: The Balance Sheet





























































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